Welcome to Relatives as parents, inc.

Who We Are

Relatives As Parents INC, a 501(C) 3 Non Profit Organization, exists to strengthen the safety net resources and support for Idaho children being raised by a relative. The majority of relatives raising children are grandparents so the majority of focus is on the senior population’s diverse needs when faced with unexpected and overwhelming challenge of raising a child in a time in life where they are preparing for retirement. Many of our members have limited financial means at their disposal. We help identify issues and needs of all Relative Caregiver Families, offer a combined voice for legislation action supporting these unique family situations., educate society, provide empowering educational opportunities for Charter Support Group Members, develop networks of community resources and support healthy families interested in creating safe, nurturing and healthy environments for children being raised by relatives.

Support Groups

We underwrite Charter Support Groups and assist interested individuals/groups found their own support group. This allows Charters to use our non-profit status, access to Grant funds, non-profit fund raising benefits, educational opportunities and event resources, resource networking and give individuals a voice for gaining support with their unique family situation.

100% of your donation goes to Relatives As Parents, Inc. families.
We operate with volunteers only, no paid staff or employees. Operate strictly by Grants and Donations.